Sunday, January 6, 2008

a tiny trade

This one is titled "They were all just happy to be together again."

Here is a painting I recently completed for Dawbis of Lovely Paper.
She is a fantastic artist, & I am eagerly awaiting her piece. I imagined the characters in this one as being four dysfunctional siblings in matching outfits, who have only one hobby in common.


  1. Lucky Dawbis (her paper sure is lovely!) Do you know 4 dysfunctional siblings by any chance?

  2. a lovely day for a sail! a row of a boat or a stroke of a beard!
    if perchance yonder sail boat is unmanned, mayn't she be commandeered???

  3. I love the outfits of the siblings. They may be disfunctional, but at least they are fashionable!

  4. amy- yes in fact i know many dysfunctional siblings, they will however remain anonymous.

    hubby narwhal- you are such a talented poet! can we collaborate please?

    ews- thank you! they are going down stubbornly & in style!

  5. shirin - of course you can link to me! and i'm going to add you to my links as well, if that's okay!

  6. Sweet left-handed Shirin!

    Thank you for the kind note, and I hope this little commentary finds you delightfully well. As always, your art is *insanely beautiful*.

    Link away, and I shall do the same. (:

    much love,