Thursday, December 4, 2008

the fish insisted he was greek

The exhibition was a success, thank you for all your well-wishes!
This new painting depicts three different schools of fish going back & forth. The coral has gold speckled detailing on it that reflects beautifully in the light. The water is an ultramarine that fades into a cobalt blue towards the bottom.

My lovely sis-in-law made this beautiful post for me today, made my day, she sure knows how I feel about Vespas! Krysta of Krystuccia has tagged me to create a post on "6 unimportant things that make me happy". You asked for it!

1. This might come as a surprise but... Limonana: lemonade with fresh mint which I grew up drinking frequently in Israel.
2. Colours (at the moment: reds, azures, oranges).
3. Making gelato (what flavor? Lemon! How could you ask such things?).
4. Jacques Tati & Jean Luc Goddard films.
5. Planning imaginary and possibly real travels for the summer.
6. My husband's notebook doodles of his professors at school.

Now I tag my two darling sisters Amy & Layli!


  1. What a lovely lovely painting. I can't express how much I adore them. Would you ever consider moving to Saskatoon until the end of my studies, so I can hang all of your paintings in my place?

    I'll make you limonana and gelato. I'll even make doodles of all of my professors for you. I won't watch any Goddard movies (not a fan), but I'll speak to you in French all day. eh? eh?

    I'll also talk non-stop about VESPAS!!! (:

    love the list.

  2. nothing that makes me happy is unimportant. at all. in fact, its really important cos it makes me happy. so i dont know what to say...possible other list??

  3. Krysta - Saskatoon?? really? can't we do some place warmer?? like your motherland maybe? :o)

    Layli- I felt the same way a bit, it's actually a challenge to think of unimportant things, will you settle for 6 things that make you happy?

  4. well i like your doodles more.

  5. Ah limonana, yes I could go for some of that right now. Beautiful painting, I love the colors of the sky.

  6. loooooove. and thanks for tagging me :) love you!

  7. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. This is so beautiful and, like your sis-in-law's post, it made me smile. Have a happy weekend;)

  8. I just found your site via Amy's - it doesn't surprise me a bit that she has such a talented sister! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to show your work to my sons in the morning.

  9. thank you all! hope you have a fantastic weekend...

    Lecia - you're too kind, thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be paying your blog a visit too...:o)

  10. So lovely - and your drink sounds amazing!

  11. Beautiful.. again!

    Congrats on a successful exhibition. :)

  12. Here's to your success... your work is little short of wonderful. Brilliant! And, I love that title... the fish insisted he was greek... so whimsical and evocative, both.

  13. this is a gorgeous painting and fantastic (unimportant but nevertheless important) facts my friend!
    I am so glad the exhibition was a success! wish i could have seen it!