Monday, March 25, 2013


Yet again, it is that time of year when I remember my mama's absence so keenly. I remember when I smell blossoms, when I put brush to paper, when I hear a certain song, when I forget how to iron a shirt properly or how to cook a certain dish the right way, or when I glance at the phone forgetting she won't call. But she is so deeply ingrained in my very essence that I feel her close always.

When she was admitted to the hospital she insisted that I shouldn't stop painting. & so I painted her journey towards the light. In each painting she was traveling towards somewhere mysterious & wonderful..& I continue forever to paint this journey of life. I imagine she is smiling at us sweetly over her shoulder...& the view ahead is...magnificent.
*Thanks to my sweet brother Naysán for the photo of him with mama & my uncle Keyvan.


  1. shideen, this is so touching, poignant and sweet. i love your mother too and i am so happy that she brought you in to this world to be in our family!! i love to envision you painting, with her in mind, always. much, much love!!!

  2. Beautiful post, Shirin!
    So true that our parents stay as the driving force in our creations long after they are gone. Always and forever.

  3. My precious have so many of your mother's attributes, you are surely her child -- in style, beauty, grace, humility, all of it. Your thoughts of her are so beautiful, so poignant. You and your family were so blessed to have her, as were all of us who knew her. Blessings to you dear One, as always. Auntie Nancy

  4. Sweet Shirin, you write so beautifully - with such grace and depth of heart. I know your mother is so proud of all you are doing and all the beauty you are creating with your paintings.