Thursday, March 29, 2012

Northern Lights

This is my first painting bound for the Arctic, specifically to Yellowknife. It is a portrait of an inspiring family who currently resides there...I've always been drawn to this part of the world, as my husband comes from Alaska. Ever since we were 16 years old, he would tell me about the incredible Northern Lights...Majestic, mystical & incredibly ethereal. My father went to Nunavut to meet with elders there not long ago, & he also came back with tales of nights that were like day, & traditional lifestyles that are unchanged for generations. Under these incredible stars, one can't help but to feel humble & to feel one with the universe...(This painting measures at 30" x 30" & is Sold.)


  1. From India, to Africa, even Italy and now the Arctic! Simply majestic and even though the cold must be really cold! your beautiful painting draws me there. Thank you for sharing this with us before it gets sold! Magical! We love you!

  2. ...this is my absolute favorite...

    simply breath-taking.

  3. The colors are so majestic! Beautiful!