Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tangerine Seller of Tangier

A young man has sold an elegant lady some fragrant tangerines on his way to the market...The sky is a malachite hue & texture today, & the ground glows with a pattern of mint green leaves against various shades of rose & soft magenta. Inspired by the colours, beauty & patterns of Morocco & North African art.
This painting is diamond shaped & measures 30" x 30" & is available FOR SALE. Please don't hesitate to inquire at shirinsahba

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mama, we miss you.

You know how you can smell your mamas hair when you hug her? Or how you'll do any silly impression; even fake tap dance like Fred Astaire to make her laugh? I remember. Motherhood has arrived for me, but where oh where is my mama? How many times I've wanted to call her & ask her questions. How many times I've imagined her snuggling my baby & telling me to treasure these fleeting days. & I do. Because I know she would. Happy Birthday mama! 
*This is a photo my papa took of her in Kashmir, India, on a boat filled with flowers. I still imagine her drifting on this fragrant boat sometimes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Girl & the Goldfish

This mama is flying a delicate silk goldfish kite on this blue sky day; her little one strapped to her back watching her every move. The flowers weave an intricate pattern of jewel-like colours of emerald, ruby, sapphire & citrine. Inspired by my time in East Asia with all it's every day beauty. 
This painting measures at 30" x 30" & is available for sale SOLD.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Featured on Justina Blakeney's Design Blog!

She is one of my favorite design blogs out there. Check out the lovely post about my work up on Justina Blakeney's delightful blog: Click Here

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Madame Coco Spots a Leopard

This curious traveler has made quite the exotic sighting of a sleek prowling leopard. Coincidentally they both appear to be contemplating the beauty of nature. Various hues of cyan, turquoise & teals make up the 
intricate​ ground that is adorned in a menagerie of flora & fauna. Inspired by 
the meticulously detailed ​Indigenous Mexican Otomi art & the magnificent
nature of India. This painting measures 31.5" in diameter & is available FOR SALE. All inquiries are welcome at shirinsahba

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dusk Rider

Mystery surrounds her as she rides her bicycle fast as the wind, her lime yellow dress floating behind her. The moody dusk falls on the day in brilliant colours. The ground is a combination of a garnet, claret & magenta red pattern that illuminates towards the horizon, the sky is aglow with soft blues, pinks & oranges.
This painting measures 31.5" in diameter & is available FOR SALE. All inquiries are very welcome at shirinsahba

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

They Meet Again

On a crisp Autumn​ day two pups & their owners serendipitously​ happen across one another once more...​The luminous​ blue sky day is melting into a glowing sunset, & the ground is a detailed pattern of colourful leaves of all shapes & sizes. This pattern is inspired by my travels to Japan, as well as my love for modernist & Nordic design.
This painting measures 31.5" in diameter & is available for sale SOLD