Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Marigold Dispatch

A dispatch of elegant ladies are delivering flowers across a sun drenched landscape. Perhaps this floral delivery will be used for a celebration of sorts...Painted in different hues of vivid & soft yellows, magentas & reds. Inspired by my sweet childhood memories of a beautiful India & the stunning visuals imprinted on my mind of marigold sellers in Kashmir... 

This painting measures 31.5" (inches) in diameter & is available FOR SALE SOLD

Monday, January 6, 2014

Always Like This

A mama is on her way to town via bicycle, with a little one in tow for the adventure. If only things could always be like this...The grapefruit sunset colours melt into each other, giving it a glowing warmth; while the ground is a soft rose that blends into a warm magenta, patterned with fresh mint & lime petals. 
 Inspired by the the beautiful & intricate textiles of both India & Mali. 

This painting is 31.5" in diameter, & is available for sale SOLD.