Monday, March 25, 2013


Yet again, it is that time of year when I remember my mama's absence so keenly. I remember when I smell blossoms, when I put brush to paper, when I hear a certain song, when I forget how to iron a shirt properly or how to cook a certain dish the right way, or when I glance at the phone forgetting she won't call. But she is so deeply ingrained in my very essence that I feel her close always.

When she was admitted to the hospital she insisted that I shouldn't stop painting. & so I painted her journey towards the light. In each painting she was traveling towards somewhere mysterious & wonderful..& I continue forever to paint this journey of life. I imagine she is smiling at us sweetly over her shoulder...& the view ahead is...magnificent.
*Thanks to my sweet brother Naysán for the photo of him with mama & my uncle Keyvan.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Flora + Fauna no.1

The ground of this painting is bursting into prismatic blooms & intricate colourful little birds signifying the coming of Spring at last! Our cycler is hurriedly whizzing towards her destination as her scarlet dress billows behind her against an aquamarine tinted sky. Where is she off to now?  Inspired by the detailed & delicate tapestries of India & Mexico.

This painting is available for sale SOLD. It is circular in shape & measures 31.5" inches.