Monday, October 27, 2008

tea for three

Today is the perfect day to paint: sunny with just the right amount of perfect crisp Autumn air. It's especially lovely as my sister & brother-in-law just had a little baby last night by the name of Elsa Barbara Moore. Thank you all for your loving, thoughtful messages that were truly heart-warming about my last post. I will be sharing some more paintings very soon, in the meantime a photo of my last painting "The Menagerie" in the background of a small Autumn tea party.

Friday, October 17, 2008

remembering mama

A post to celebrate my mama's life, because she brought so much beauty to this world. Today is her birthday, & it has been 3 years since her sudden passing. Her name was Goli: an artist, a designer, the most creative & loving mama around, & certainly the best cook. She led an unusual & full life traveling most of the world,working alongside my papa on projects that touched the hearts of millions.I recently found these magazine covers, done by her in her early 20's for a Baha'i children's magazine called "Varqa". The magazine had stories from authors around the world & was translated to more than 10 languages & distributed internationally. She fled Iran while working on these magazines, as Baha'is are heavily persecuted in Iran, especially since the revolution was about to hit (my husband's grandfather was not so lucky: he was tortured & executed by the government for not recanting his Faith in the 80s). However, the life for her that followed was full of exciting adventure; she moved from London to India to Canada to Israel, & she drew her last breath as the sun set, surrounded by her three adoring children, three adoring daughters- & son-in-law, & one tiny grandson. Now she looks after us from a better place...Happy birthday mama!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Menagerie

This painting is a true mix of East meets West, much like I am. The Eastern miniature style influences this piece significantly. The tree branch patterns are in gold & illuminate with light. The inspiration for this painting really comes from those marvelous creatures I've always been fascinated by & had a chance to live near around the world: gazelles, ibex, deer & of course birds.

I have been studying the deer that eat the flowers in my garden for a few years now. I never had deer around the Mediterranean where I previously lived, so it is always a pleasant surprise when one peruses our yard. While I was in the Negev desert this summer I was lucky to capture some photos of ibex on a cliff; they are truly elegant creatures!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


has featured our little trunk project on their site! You're going places little trunk...