Tuesday, March 25, 2008

of gingham & spring

Do forgive me for the long silences, it has been a busy season of projects, commissions, canaries to feed and orange trees to rehabilitate (don't make me explain), it can be ever so difficult to keep up as you yourself must know so well!
Spring is here & I smell the coming of summer just around the corner bringing with it a mood of nostalgia...It seemed high time I sewed myself a gingham tablecloth out of fabric from here, so I finally did, & I'm happy to report it has been getting quite a lot of use.


  1. i have red tulips here too today!!! i love them. and i love your table cloth. i want to come over and have cake.

  2. yes can i eat breakfast there please?

  3. i love the red tulips. i love the tulips in general. they are my favorite flower. particularly because they remind me of happy days in the NW with the sweet smelling rainy air. ahhhhh! i can smell it now! thanks for sharing! as melinda would say, "happppppyyyy!!".

  4. Gorgeous tulips. And you MADE that tablecloth?! So fabulous!!

  5. amy- what can i say? it was just a tulip day! come over let's have some cake...
    namo- always!
    samimi-extremie- we should all one day go to the tulip festival together!
    elizabeth- so sweet of you to say so! i must say it didn't take rocket science to make!