Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Curious Migration

A conference of multicoloured finches are migrating during a luminous dusk...This painting is 30" x 30" & is available for sale SOLD.

Speaking of flying, be sure to see my "Frequent Flyer" travel interview I did with the lovely Kisha of From India with Love ...


  1. Amazing!!
    xo Maggie

  2. Dizzying and dazzling colour and patterns. I love the style you employ. Pastel sky above a vibrant and bold earth. Thus forming a balanced horizon with small accented nature forms in their midst. You should be very proud of this piece!

  3. I just realized how to post on your site. Truly a remarkable painting. Though they are birds, initially I thought they were fish, and the painting reminded me of a certain famous dream a father had about his Child

  4. i found you via kisha at frequent fliers, loved your post and LOVE your art! fabulous!