Friday, February 17, 2012

Devil's In the Details

I've been busy as a bee in the studio! I had an interview with a design magazine this past week along with another photo shoot of the home (of course I will share once it comes out!)...A few visual inspirations while you await new work: 1. Can't wait to order this book by the talented Maryam of Marrakesh. 2. Just watched Pink Panther with Peter Sellers for the millionth time, how much do I adore Princess Dala? 3. This is where I wish to be right now, but alas, it will have to wait!


  1. i wish i had read that book before my trip to morocco!

  2. I know! She is truly amazing, you should follow Maryam's blog if you don't already, it's

  3. ooh can't wait to see what you have created and your interview!