Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mama, we miss you.

You know how you can smell your mamas hair when you hug her? Or how you'll do any silly impression; even fake tap dance like Fred Astaire to make her laugh? I remember. Motherhood has arrived for me, but where oh where is my mama? How many times I've wanted to call her & ask her questions. How many times I've imagined her snuggling my baby & telling me to treasure these fleeting days. & I do. Because I know she would. Happy Birthday mama! 
*This is a photo my papa took of her in Kashmir, India, on a boat filled with flowers. I still imagine her drifting on this fragrant boat sometimes.


  1. I now know this feeling all too well :(

  2. She looks like she was a beautiful woman. Hugs-

  3. She will always be there with you in some way.