Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Within You Without You

Another birthday of yours has arrived mama. I can't help think of what it would have been to have a mama around to help with all the things that only you could help with. I find myself drowning in questions hanging about the air of life without you around to impart your wisdom. MirĂ³ always asks about you as if keenly aware that you have just left & wasn't there to see you go...But one beautiful gift this has given me is to seek you out in all the amazing women there are in this colourful world. I have so many interesting new friends because of you, each one cares in different ways, each one loves your grandson in their own way, & together this sea of beautiful women can maybe just maybe fill the magnificent gigantic vacant hole of your physical singular presence.
*A photo of you pregnant with your beloved firstborn. I've always loved this photo of you. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this Shirin. What a beautiful way to see this big challenge. Huge love-hug bursts your way!

  2. Touch my heart, woman, go ahead!!! Your mother was a beautiful soul, and I am so sorry she isn't on this plane to be there for you. Blessings to you dear Shirin, you have had the bounty of a beautiful mom who set a wonderful example for you!!! Relish in that, not her absence at this time. Love you!!!!!!

  3. Oh Shirin!!! Hugs to you and beautiful Miro �� I loved (love) your mom so much and think of her so often... her love and spirit of service and hospitality radiated out of her and touched everyone who knew her. You remind me SO much of her, and I know that she is accompanying you in this world from the next... closer than a life's vein! �� Much much love to all of you. As you can probably already tell, I miss you!!! ��

    1. (It didn't seem to like my emojis... haha!)