Thursday, January 24, 2008

the nightingale's excuse

I title this piece "The Conference of Birds" (yes, that is a reference to Farid ud-Din Attar's title for his mystical poem). But surely these little birds must have their own story... I did some extensive research, so that each bird would be based on a unique specie that really exists in nature. The leaves are all gold, including the leaves on the lone olive tree on the horizon. The yellow of the sky is ever so slightly brighter than in these photos. I can't get enough of the gold as it glows when it basks in natural light...You may or may not have noticed a certain little dove with an olive branch in it's beak...


  1. This photo reminds me of a sunrise, with all the little birds up and about early in the morning. I love the detail on the trunk of the olive tree!

  2. stunning! birds always remind me of you and your mom...

  3. dear muppet,
    I love this place! In particular, I love the contrast between dense, ordered "vector-map" shapes below the horizon, and minimalism above the horizon.

    The figures, especially the trees, remind me of Peter Sís' illustrations for Saramago's "The Tale of the Unknown Island."

  4. i am blown away! i especially the love the green/yellow tree and the birds.

  5. ews- that's a lovely way to see it...that's my favorite time of day...

    amy- thanks lovey, mum did love birds!

    anonymous- not so anonymous, hehe, only Sham says "loves it"...

    lev- I'm ecstatic that you like it, took a peak at that Jose Saramago book, I definitely need to get it!

    dawn- thank you! means a lot coming from the creative genius behind the three headed boy with the pipe & hat!

  6. shir. thanks for the comment!
    dang i really want one of these paintings...
    i see that naim's olive tree passion-thingy is really getting to you too...!

  7. shido- i had to ask na'im to remind me what you're talking about, aren't you guys opening an olive oil business together?!

    Krysta- thank you darling! you're too sweet.

    Sana- I'd appreciate more poetry.